Under the Radar

Winemaker Greg Brewer, a pioneer of the ocean-swept Sta. Rita Hills appellation, and Winemaker Chris Carpenter, a sage of mountain winemaking in the Napa Valley, meet once again for Summit to Sea.

The Summit to Sea journey began last year when Greg and Chris came together to compare winemaking principles, inspirations, and philosophies from their distinct winemaking regions. Next, they took us on a retrospective experience featuring hand-picked library selections.

The journey continues as Chris and Greg meet to share their favorite under-the-radar wine with us. Summit to Sea: Under the Radar highlights small-production, highly acclaimed, lesser-known varietals—beautiful expressions of these winemakers’ commitment to their craft… with a twist! These two winemakers taste and discuss the other’s wine!

Watch as Greg waxes poetic about Chris’s “velvety” 2016 Mt. Brave Malbec, and as Chris dives deep into the nuances of Greg’s 2018 Ex Post Facto Syrah, a “killer Syrah,” according to Chris.


Chris Carpetner
2018 Ex Post Facto Syrah

Greg Brewer
2016 Mt. Brave Malbec


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Stay tuned for more insight and witty banter from two of California’s preeminent winemakers, as well as information on future online Summit to Sea seminars.


About The Winemakers


Chris Carpenter is the winemaker for many of Napa Valley’s most prestigious wineries, including Cardinale, Lokoya, La Jota Vineyard Co., and Mt. Brave. Over the past two decades, Chris has earned a reputation for taming mountain tannins and creating legendary Cabernet Sauvignon. He works closely with the vineyard teams to nurture and manifest each vineyard block’s unique character into elegant wines with great depth, mountain character, and historic pedigree.

Greg Brewer has spent his three-decade career dedicated to the Sta. Rita Hills appellation, which he helped to map, define, and establish. He created his eponymous label, Brewer-Clifton, in 1996 and has since founded diatom and Ex Post Facto. What motivates Greg is working closely with the vineyards and the teams that care for them to produce a wine that is deliberate, driven, and transmissive of the voice of place.

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